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Well if I have not seen it all! I run into a new travel site but this site is a bit different than those which you have ever seen. This site lists 50 travel sites you may have never heard about and in fact I had NOT heard about 49 of them myself!! This site is 50 Travel Sites and has a wealth of information that I feel is valuable to anyone who is traveling!!

One site in particular that I found especially interesting on this site is : Unclaimed Baggage Center. Now my husband and I have always wondered where people lost luggage went to, especially when the person or people who have lost their luggage or items have not been able to be contacted or cannot be found for any certain number of days or months or more... I mean it is truly sad that people lose their items, such as wedding dresses, diamond rings, just the luggage itself or digital cameras, camcorders and all types of everything!! But what are the airlines to do with this 'stuff' once it has been sitting around for six months or a year or more? This site show tons and tons of items for sale that have been lost and unclaimed and I for one will keep this page as a favorite and keep checking on it often for those once in a lifetime good deals. Please check out 50 Travel Sites for that link and many, many more links to sites that can save you hundreds of dollars on airfare, hotel stays and so much more. This is one site you DO NOT want to miss!!! Check it out!!!
50 Travel Sites

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