Day Two...To Be Continued...

Hello Everyone! It seems as though our lives are always one step away from a "To Be Continued" phase. Whether it be while we are in conversation with others, a phone call, a text, an email, an article, book, television show or movie or some sorts and the worst, in our every day to day lives.

To Be Continued...Why is it so necessary to have to be in such a hurry in our lives that we cannot complete such small things in our lives that we cannot finish hardly even a single meal, without having to get up and go and finish it later.

My utmost unfavorite TBC has to do with doctors, doctors appointments and the ever eternal "hurry up and wait" thinking these places have in mind for our lives and our health. I mean really? I'm sick, so I call to see my doctor, but I cannot be seen until tomorrow, 9 am. I'm there early, hoping to get seen early and out to get some medicine to feel better, but no, I sit there till my regular appointment time and then over a half hour later, sometimes as much as an hour later, I Finally get called back, only to have to go to a room to sit and wait even longer. Half hour later I am finally out of the doctors office, on a good day that is and on my way to the pharmacy. Rush hour, really? Why again are people always in such a freaking damn hurry to get here, get there, only to get really no where, because no one is ever truly happy till they are in bed, only to complain about not having enough hours to sleep at night, not sleeping enough at night, not being able to spend enough time with their families, ever, but not having enough time in the day or week, to fit that said "family, I could never live without", into their schedules. "Could never live without"? Newsflash! YOU ALREADY ARE!!

So, I'm through the traffic. While I was driving, one of my friends messages me and I do speak texting, saying, hold on, I'll be back in a little bit, I'm on my way to the pharmacy for meds. I'll brb or as it really is, a conversation put on TBC. At the pharmacy, I drop off my prescription and need to wait at least 20 or 30 minutes for it to be filled out, on a really good day and on busy days I'd be lucky to get it by that afternoon or evening, especially if I leave it there and leave the store to do something else.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, all day, every day for everything; all the while our lives are being lived in a TBC type of lifestyle. It don't matter if it is for an appointment or to get to work, from work, conversations, hobbies we work on or even a game of checkers or chess, we are always making choices to have those things in our lives, some of which are not so important, to the most important things in our lives to be continued.

BUT, how much time is too much time, how long is too long, to have our lives, to have those things we are or have been doing in our lives, continued and finished to a completion that would satisfy us? And what happens when the time runs out on us or on those in our lives? We now have to live with the sadness of a life unfulfilled, uncompleted, unsatisfied, because we constantly continued what we wanted to finish, but just never made time to do so.

So what in YOUR LIFE, is important enough to "Continue" and not leave on hold? What would you not want to have to live without finishing or having said, before our times run out? We all have a timer on our lives. What do you want to see done before those times run out? The time is NOW to either make time in our lives to continue to finish what we started, before its too late to complete even a simple sentence.

Live and Let Live and Love; Do it today, Don't wait till tomorrow, Don't wait till next week or next month, because honestly, those days might not show up, at least for one of us; or don't, as long as you are happy in whatever you do and are doing, just do YOU!

Till we meet again!! <3 p="">


Michelle Martin said…
Love... Nothing but truth