How do we even know?

What is the measurement of if a person cares for another, you, me or whomever, or how much they care? Is it in their text message? Is it in the fact of 'if' a person texts you back or not? Is it in how many times or how often they email or snap chat or any of those other forms of social communication? Is it in a phone call? Is it in spending time with another because that is what people who care do? Stay in communication, see each other from time to time, more towards those who are closer or become intimate, etc...?? What is the measurement of a friend / friendship?
I think our world has become too consumed with text messaging (myself included), messaging on one or more social media forms or emailing, and use those forms of communication to figure out if 'we like' another. How can you truly tell that someone is being truthful and/or sincere, unless you speak with them face to face, or if you have gotten to know them and you actually speak on the phone with them, noticin…

Day Two...To Be Continued...

Hello Everyone! It seems as though our lives are always one step away from a "To Be Continued" phase. Whether it be while we are in conversation with others, a phone call, a text, an email, an article, book, television show or movie or some sorts and the worst, in our every day to day lives.

To Be Continued...Why is it so necessary to have to be in such a hurry in our lives that we cannot complete such small things in our lives that we cannot finish hardly even a single meal, without having to get up and go and finish it later.

My utmost unfavorite TBC has to do with doctors, doctors appointments and the ever eternal "hurry up and wait" thinking these places have in mind for our lives and our health. I mean really? I'm sick, so I call to see my doctor, but I cannot be seen until tomorrow, 9 am. I'm there early, hoping to get seen early and out to get some medicine to feel better, but no, I sit there till my regular appointment time and then over a half hou…

Live, Let Live & Love, day one

Why is it so hard these days to live a life of true happiness without someone else trying to invade your personal space, your personal thoughts and feelings, and interjecting their own into yours, trying to make you doubt yourself, doubt your loved one(s) or get on your very last very nerves?

I love my family and the few friends that I do have, I love them too but all too often I take to my own space and quit talking to almost everyone because it feels as if they have all lost their ever lovin minds!

Money tends to cause so many people to be both happy and unhappy. If you have it, your life, at least for a little while and into the possible future, as long as the money is lasting, gives you the impression that your life is so much better but, the truth is, is that it is NOT the money that brings happiness but in what we do in our every day lives, with or without money, with or without those friends who show up only when we have money and with those who are with us for the long haul. …
So, its been awhile since I've been around. Its not that I haven't felt like writing; its just sometimes life gets in the way. We get busy, both physically and mentally, so much so that we find ourselves in a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions and find we don't know which way is up, down or whatever way it is we feel we need to be going. So, that has been me, indeed!

I was found to be bipolar, I have depression, social anxiety in large groups and areas, along with ptsd and more. My thoughts are my own but are often as scattered as a dandelion when its petals are blowing in the breeze, anywhere and everywhere. I am happy and sad and confused, all in the same instance and sometimes, that is a hard pill to take. My husband seems to take it very well on most occasions and he indeed is my life, my love and my protector. Without him, I would surely be lost. Most people don't have the 'time' for others, to care for how they 'truly' are, what they 'truly'…

Music Monday!

To anyone who knows my blog, you would know i love music and lately it seems like that it is the the only thing that I can relate to. Life is hard but music seems to make my soul and my whole inner being wanna get up and dance, sing and just be happy, just because. Reality can take the life right out of us at times but adding some music to your day, can be just the medicine that you need. I love all kinds of music, literally, from hard rock to Beethoven ...this morning I am listening to:

Groove Coverage





plus much much more to come today!! LOVE MUSIC!!

What is YOUR Monday Groove? Share the love~!

The Unknown

Its been a long time since I have even thought about writing anymore. I was on medications that did what I called 'dimmed' my thought processes and my creativity. I haven't been on those medications for a month or more now, I took myself off of them, when 'the system' decided I wasn't worthy of their considerations of letting me know my doctor was no longer around. Sounds like BS to me and it got me thinking, maybe if they don't care that I need my doctor, maybe I don't need those meds. I have found that is not necessarily true as of late, but I am going to fight my demons for as long as I can.

Have you ever wondered if ANYONE is true to you? Does anyone speak the truth, even if they know you might not like it? Is there anyone out there who accepts people for who they are, no matter how they are, whenever they are, just because that is the right thing to do? Why is it that life and people are like that? Why is it that in life, everyone has to be judged f…

Feeling Life or not?

I tend to get a bit frustrated from time to time, at everything. Ever since I had open heart surgery 2 1/2 years ago, my life has been a total upside down wreck. I have since then been tied to no less than 7 medications I have to take, daily. Now for some people that might seem like a walk in the park. Seven, shoot, I take that in one sitting some may say, multiple times a day, but for me, someone who never had to take anything more than tylenol on any given day, this is a LOT to be given as a life sentence. Heart medications, cholesterol medications, blood thinners, vitamins and medicines I have to take just to keep my health at a level where I can possibly live a few more years, without having to have another heart surgery. Another surgery, yep, that is something I have already been told I will have eventually. Whether it be in five more years or ten, but it will happen because as the doctors say, it is in my dna, my health history is already pre-written for my life, even if I try …

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years [Official Music Video]

OneRepublic - Counting Stars