Goin on VACA~!!!

Our family is famous for just taking off and going on vacations even though for the past couple of years we have only gone on one and that is just too sad. Before that we would take off at the drop of a hat and go for any amount of time necessary to unwind and have some fun at least a couple of times a year.

Well folks I just run into a site, this place has EVERYTHING!!! You can book anything you need for any place you could imagine you would want to go. Their vacation packages are the bomb. I looked up a package deal for our family to go to hawaii, four of us. The package includes airfare for three adults and one older teenager, hotel stay for a WEEK and includes extra ammentities in some of the packages to WOW! The trip prices ranged from a little over $4000 to a little over $6000. Now those of you who know how expensive it is to travel to hawaii, no less plan a vacation during the MIDDLE of summer, knows it can be outrageous to travel to there. But this site: http://www.hotelreservations.com gives you everything you could need or want out of a travel sites with GREAT discounts for destinations world wide!!

The site is easy to navigate and user friendly. I tell you, if you all are planning anything from a weekend getawy, to a business meeting to a month long vaca, go to this site http://www.hotelreservations.com FIRST and check out what they can offer you before you go anywhere else!! I tell ya, you won't be sorry!!!


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