making money writing on the net

I have noticed that there are tons of places online that claim you can make money online but then you narrow it down to the ones that I and many others are intersted in doing and that is writing. I love to write and blogging to me on some sites like is just family oriented. This site I keep for business and fun. Livejournal for both as well. I have heard of many people say they blog and although I have never been a part of it I may end up checking it out. Well for all of these years I was not making any money doing blogging. I had a seperate blogger account that was just for fun as well. I just like to write but making money, epseially in these trying financial times, has become more of an issue to me. so.........

I started looking for ways to make money and how to become successful doing what I like to do, write and blog. I run into this site Gather Success and found tons of tools to help my writing get put out into the world wide web as well as tools to make sure that my work gets noticed. Such as a key word finder, to help me know which key words I should use for an aritcle or blog to help it stand out in the crowd, get noticed and get commented on, so I could rake in a few dollars. I am just starting out in the world of blogging for money, but I can guarantee you! that if you go to Gather Success and sign up for some of their programs and check out some of their success tools, you WON'T be sorry!!! Check it out for yourself!! I will keep you all posted as to how my success goes with using these strategies from these companies I list in my blogs, both good and bad and which ones work the most but so far, Gather Success is already helping to get me noticed so from there it is all up!!!

chow for now!! happy blogging and reading!!!



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