Smith to be buried in the Bahamas

Just out yesterday, a judge decided tearfully to allow Anna Nicole Smiths baby's guardian, decide where Smith would be buried. Sobbing and seemingly very emotional over having to make his decision as such because of the rapid decaying of Smiths body according to the medical examiner, Judge Larry Seidlin made the shocking decision. It was considered that Smiths mom could have been considered an enabler and had not been as much of an importance in Smith's life as her own son and child's was so with those thoughts, Judge Seidlin made a plea: I hope that she will be buried next to her son where she belongs. Of course those are obviously his own personal feelings but it was also the feelings and thoughts of thousands of others not even kin to Anna Nicole Smith. As the decision is sure to have angered many, in the same breath many made a deep sigh of relief knowing that now, Anna Nicole Smith may now be properly buried and hopefully with an open casket if the decaying process has not taken too much of a toll. It is the least anyone deserves in life is to be able to seen and remembered one last time before they are gone for good, never to be seen again, except through pictures and our memories. Even though I was not a huge fan of hers, I believe everyone deserves this same respect, even if it were to be for only one person's benefit. Alas, we will all be bidding goodbye to someone could very well end up being remembered as the new melliniums' Marilyn Monroe; A beautiful bombshell loved by many, gone way before her time. To Anna~~~~~~~~~