Fake celebrity annoyances, paparazzi and more

I know I cannot be the only one, in fact I am sure there are plenty of celebrities who feel the same way as I do, at a much higher scale than I do, when it comes to fake celebrities and the paparazzi. What give?! Why in God's green earth, would anyone want to 'pretend' to be someone they are not? Why pretend, especially on the internet, to say you are someone, make a profile like you are that person, whether it be on twitter, myspace, facebook or any of the social networking sites, pretending to be that person you might admire or you just feel like 'messing' with?! I don't get it, I really don't. Sure, call me naive, but I just don't get it. IF I want to follow a star, say, Oprah Winfrey, or Sandra Bullock, find other ways online to follow them, through you tube videos, interviews given on news and websites that you know are trustworthy. Watch "E" news sites and more, to see if you can catch information about those people to see if they have actual myspace pages or a facebook account or even if they twitter. There are often pages that are specifically designed as their 'star' page, where you can find information about where they will be signing autographs, going on concert to and about any information they feel the the public should be privy to. Check out those sites for those informative pieces you are wanting, rather than just 'trust' that that 'space' or 'tweet' is from the actual person, star, starlet or otherwise, unless you know for sure it is from them. Do your research or be had and be a joke and having been 'joked' on. It is also somewhat scary, what people will do, the lengths they will go to, to try to 'pretend' to be people, just to get the limelight or to get people, anyone, or targeting specific types of people, i.e. women, children, teenagers, etc., to talk to them, as if they were that specified 'star'. Be careful and forewarned; these people do NOT have your best interests at heart and unless they specifically say on their pages or through their informative pieces that they are a 'fan' or it is a 'fan page', be VERY WARY, tread lightly, before gawking and spewing words of love and adoration, to whom just might be someone like your neighbor, or even your worst nightmare. These people to me, are just the dirt of the earth, worse, the muddy crawlers that creep through the bottom layers of the muck and ponds of scum; just straight up gross! Sorry if you are one of those people, but you, if you are one of them, you so need to get a life and let the stars, singers, actors and actresses, be who they are, let them shine in their own way, the way they want to shine; to share what they want to share, without having to have a 'hacker' or 'peeper' trying to impersonate them as their own person, which is not only creepy, but should be illegal. People are people, period and stars are just people. Actresses and Actors and just people; musicians in the same, are just people. Try treating them with the same respect that you would want to have given to you and if you can't do that, then just stay away and find something else better to do with your time; like get a rock collection...lol!
Just my rant for the day...Yall have a great day!