Occupying space

It seems in this day and age, we are in the age of technology and even more so, we are in the age of where money is what rules the world. We no longer look at how to help people unless there is a price to pay, an 'amount' that needs to be put on one persons life, one family's livelihood, one country's survival, our world, as a whole. But why must there be a price to pay for living our life? Why should we have to beg for food, pay for water, never be happy because of our life circumstances? Are we not put on this earth to LIVE? To be HAPPY?!

So, go back a few centuries and look and what might have happened if the almighty dollar had not been created. What if in this day and age, all you had to do was to donate your time, somewhere, for someone. Help out a neighbor, a business, work your farm to create food for others, work in a store to place clothes on racks, food on shelves, items needed for our everyday lives, in place for others in this world? For doing that, you automatically were given what you needed. You could go into the grocery store or farmers market, show your time donation card and you get your food, for free! You have water, for free; gas, for free; housing, for free...the list goes on. Each and every person and family, has housing, good housing, food on their tables, a way to get around, to donate their time, to get their groceries, to visit families and the seven wonders of the world.

It seems like our world is in an ever spiraling downward spin, with money being the ultimate culprit. Money makes the world go round, not love anymore, not caring, not living our lives. We live our lives to die. We live our lives to get up each morning to go to jobs we either love or hate but work we must do or we have nothing. It does not seem like that is what our world should be or how it should work. I mean really, we are born, brought to this earth, this planet, to struggle to survive? Those who do without even more, medicine, healthy water, a way to live without knowing they just might die tomorrow from some sickness they cannot afford to get the medicine for because of their extreme poverty? How rick is our world if we allow the people of our world, any of them, to be stricken by such monetary hatred?

So we are born, to die, again. We are born to just occupy a space on this planet, to do what others feel we should do, many people struggling from day to day, because money rules all peoples lives and if you don't have it, you don't have much of anything. You live homeless, without food, without a life. How is that living? Why live at all? Honestly, I don't know why more people have not thought of these things and not wanted to do something about it. There is bound to be a way to make it work out. Sure, it would take some working out and some haggling and negotiating, especially with those who could not donate their time because of a disability, a complete disability, or because their bodies are feeble and weak, so much so that just getting up out of bed takes a feat that would move mountains. There would have to be exceptions, there would have to be ways to make it where everyone could do something, worthwhile, that helps others, that helps our planet, that helps us all, make our world just that much better of a place to live.

I mean think of it, how do you think it would feel that you could go into the grocery store and just get what you need without thinking, I will have to sacrifice something to get another. No shampoo this week because we need toilet paper! No meat meals this week because the light bill must be paid or we will be without electricity. I mean come on! The government would no longer be paying people to do work, but work would be done on faith basis, and by donators time tickets, you do work, someone vouches for you and you are able to get what you need; at the gas station, at the grocery store, at the furniture store; free of charge. Of course its not really 'free' because you are 'working' for it, but only within limits. Say you work for 30-40 hours per week to get what you need, one person per family and your family has a roof over their heads, good water, food for their bellies, a bed to sleep on, heat in the winter and time to live their life within the means that would make everyone love being on our planet, within our country, their country and so much more!

We would have farmers that raise cows, pigs, chickens and each family would receive one cow, one pig, and some chickens, to feed their families each year. Everyone would learn how to garden and raise their own vegetables and the ones you could not grow, you could get from a local farmers market where someone else could grow it; fruits in the same respect. We could eat healthier, live happier, be happy to be alive because there would be so very much less stress.

We are occupying space, that is all we are doing. Born, work till we almost die and then we are gone. Money doesn't go with you once you are gone, no body does and if you have to live all your life by working just to survive, how is that living? How is that LIVING?! It is time that we all take a stand and think about what could we all do to make this world a better place, not just for ourselves but for our countries, for our world. Come one people, lets take a stand! Lets quit occupying space and make all our lives worthwhile; LETS LIVE!

I wrote this on behalf of myself and my husband and a conversation we recently had; about life and how hard it is to live it, to survive each and every given day, struggling from day to day, just to get by. We need to stop all of our bickering and fighting and greed and try to start making our countries and our world, a better place to live for everyone, not just one, but it starts with just one; me, then you and it can spiral into a network of millions of people who are feeling and thinking the same way; a global consciousness, awareness of life and how would all want to and should be living it. By LIVING! I know there are others who feel the same and would love to hear from you all. Maybe if enough people, enough of us speak up and speak out, we can make enough of a difference that the next generation or the one after that, will never have to do without anything, ever. Now that's an amazing thought huh!