To Twitter or not to Twitter

One of the newest trends of social networking today is Twitter. Many have heard of it, thinking oh this could be cool, others think just yet another annoyance when it comes to social networking. Yet another way for people to contact me, or yet another way for people to find me, get on my last nerves, but first, think of a few things. Twitter has much to offer to everyone, from the very young to the young at heart. Yes, it is a highly weighted advertising tool for many people, BUT, it is also a way to find out some very cool information out there that you might not otherwise be privy to see or even know about. Some trivial information, such as what someone had to eat today or what their kid did, might not seem so grand or informative, but then you have stock information, weather information, links to good videos, great and new innovative ideas on how to network, to challenge your life, others, inspiration and so much more. It is worth checking out and even signing up just to see what it is all about. You can have as many people you want to follow or follow you, or as little; its your choice. Many of the larger celebrities and people of our society have a twitter account, from governors, to the white house, to Oprah Winfrey, to Demi Moore. Go on over to the twitter side of the universe and check it out and whether you like it or hate it, I am sure you will find something good out of it in the long run; if you just give it a chance.