An Unusual Way of Thinking

Walking behind him I have a sense of pride, standing a little taller, feeling a bit possessive, loved, protected and totally happy. Yes, I did say behind him, at the moment, because it is often where I walk when I am with him, at least in certain places and only because he is so protective of me from all the creeps that meander around the different places we go to. As he looks back, I smile at him and instantly feel subconscious, almost shy, with a feeling of 'yes?' questioning my thinking as he is making sure I am there behind him. We had just got done putting wood in the stove, it is late at night and he is making sure I am there with him and was ok; a very reassuring feeling.

He is very cocky a lot of the times and 'full of it' as we often call the term for how he laughs and jokes and cajoles. He has a manner and a funny humor that just makes a person feel comfortable, no matter what kind of situation you are in. He is like a kid magnet too. Our own grand baby, the apple of our eye and his paw paws boy, is drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

He commands respect and he damn well deserves it and has earned it. He has worked hard all of his life, taking care of us, paying our way in this life, through the good, the bad and the worse than bad, taking life in stride and not letting it kick his ass and protecting us the whole way through. The ultimate protector. There is no way to NOT feel protected when around him. He can be rough around the edges and wont' take no crap from no one and especially from people he thinks might be threatening his family...the wrath of his fury is only known by a few and scares me to this day. That is not a bad thing really, it just goes to show i know what he is capable of if he is ticked off enough but it does take a lot, unless it comes to his family.

So not many people will understand the thinking of how we do things, we are an eclectic type of family, but we are strong, with strong family values and beliefs, although sometimes unusual, are what we both agree and believe in. I respect him as he does me, we can talk for hours about things as serious as God or life or our life just as we can talk about other subjects. We can also sit for hours without speaking a word, which works just as well for us at times.

He has for as long as I have known him, worked for himself and it has worked for us, although not many people have understood his work, his JOB, our life, that has gotten us this far. Sure we are not rich with money like a millionaire, BUT we are rich in family and love and we have our bills paid, we go out to eat when we feel like it, we buy the stuff we want, that makes us comfortable when we can, just like anyone else who has a 9-5 job. I was a stay at home mom for nearly 19 years and not many people can deal with just staying at home like that and some people just don't understand what that undertakes or takes a stay at home as a serious job. It is one of the most serious jobs I can imagine to have. Unless you have ever been there, you may never understand it. I was fine with that job, in fact I LOVED it!

Now that the kids are grown up, I still follow my husband and do what he asks, run the normal household duties, still help the kids when they need it and help him run his business from time to time, on top of going to school for my bachelors and working full time online with my freelancing business. A lot of people will say, you are letting your man run your life, tell you what to do (he can be rather terse sometimes but I understand where it comes from and he never, NEVER hurts me), is very protective, maybe too much so, but if you have not walked a mile in my shoes, or a year or two, you have no room to talk. This is to me, a nearly perfect type of life to have had so far. We have hopes, dreams, we have raised two great kids and we are still dreaming, young and in love. What more can you ask for?