Relationships, take work sure are nearly impossible! (for some)

I have a bone to pick with the world at this moment and it would not just take up the characters for a twitter or a Facebook status. I am freaking fed up, up to past where the stars shine on how many fake people are out in the world today claiming they want a relationship but in all reality all they want is instant satisfaction and to be lied to for their own happiness. No, this is NOT about anyone I know, but in general. If you continue to read, you will understand better...

I have seen through the kids my own daughter and son's age and around those age, young people looking for love, for a long term love of their life, for their forever, for that one person who can truly understand them, stick with them, through the good and the bad, no matter what comes their way, but I can honestly say that I don't see many people actually getting that in their lives anymore. 25 years ago, life was so much easier; I tell that to my own children that back then, when two people decide they want to be together, even when there is petty crap that comes up, it don't make or break the relationship, it was just an annoyance, a small rock in the road that is kicked about and then out of the road and you moved on. Now a days, its like when a scuffle ensues, it becomes WWIII, little petty thoughts and problems because relationship breakers and that is just such crap. If that is what it takes to break up a relationship then there wasn't really and truly anything there to keep the relationship there but possibly sex. Some laughter ok, anyone can laugh and have a good time, sex is everywhere, anywhere but a true, die hard, full on relationship, scares the crap out of some and is not even in the mind in many others, even though say it is. Annoys the crap out of me when I see or hear young people get their heart broken, they get hurt, upset, angry, wondering, WHY! are people like this, guys, girls, whomever, all the same. Come on people get with the program. If you want to just have fun, then say so, if you are just wanting to date or screw around, then so be it, be HONEST, TRUTHFUL and get over your lying, cheating and hurtful ways. The people who get hurt, angry and have to start over because of your ways do NOT DESERVE your crap!!!

Annoys doesn't even touch how I feel about it, angers, hurts, makes me see redder than red, makes me see black...want to feel evil towards people and that is NOT who I am or how I am but it just drives me insane! I mean really...relationships are hard, sure but if you want one, truly want one, the effort and time and love you put into it, is well worth it.


IT isn't just about relaxing, sitting back and letting things happen. I mean yes, you have to be proactive in your relationship but worrying about text messages received or not received or phone calls unreturned at the moment you expect or unanswered calls because someone is busy. Really? You would stress out over that? There are way more things important to worry about. Like will you have the money to pay your bills, will you and your family be safe and happy with a roof over their heads and food to fill their belly's but a phone call or a text or a status that is posted that is innocent or not even aimed towards you; getting angry over the little things is not what makes for a happy life or a happy relationship.

I love my husband to death, I really and truly do and we have been down some hard roads and back but we have made it and are happier than ever today, more so than the day we got married, more so than yesterday. We don't talk to each other all day most days, in fact, we often only speak once or twice during the day, if that, when he gets a chance to take a break to call me to see how im doing or to see what he needs to pick up at the store on his way home so we can relax when he gets home. Do we ever have disappointments in our life? Sure we do. Plans go awry, get totally muffed up, but so what...So we don't make it to that birthday party or yard sale or auction or even that vacation because finances just didn't work out the way we planned and wanted. One of us didn't feel good, was tired or was having a bad happens, so WHAT! We move on, we keep going and its OK! Its not the end of the world, I am not going to berate him, drag him through the mud hole and back cause we didn't do this or go here and things didn't work out. Disappointments yes, causes unhappiness, no, it just happens and you MOVE ON.

I could probably go on and on but for now... I'm sure you get the point. RELAX people and treat others as YOU WANT TO BE TREATED!!! If you don't want to be treated like crap, then don't dish it out. Karma is real folks and will come back and bite you if you don't act right...

Ok, rant over and again, this is NOT about anyone in particular and especially not my friends or family...I just get irate and frustrated when I see people getting treated wrong by family, friends and 'possible' or current boyfriends/girlfriends...I mean really, how hard is it to treat people right, like you want to be treated and to relax and have fun and enjoy life...


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