So, its been awhile since I've been around. Its not that I haven't felt like writing; its just sometimes life gets in the way. We get busy, both physically and mentally, so much so that we find ourselves in a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions and find we don't know which way is up, down or whatever way it is we feel we need to be going. So, that has been me, indeed!

I was found to be bipolar, I have depression, social anxiety in large groups and areas, along with ptsd and more. My thoughts are my own but are often as scattered as a dandelion when its petals are blowing in the breeze, anywhere and everywhere. I am happy and sad and confused, all in the same instance and sometimes, that is a hard pill to take. My husband seems to take it very well on most occasions and he indeed is my life, my love and my protector. Without him, I would surely be lost. Most people don't have the 'time' for others, to care for how they 'truly' are, what they 'truly' need, or care about where they have gone. You are just ...gone.

That makes me wonder, where in this world, is it where the communities are simple, happy, accepting, loving yet respect others privacy, giving and caring?? Where are those communities?? We are looking for them, preferably something on the east coast, Virginia coast or NC or SC coast? Heck maybe even further. It won't matter to those who are around us. They will just 'wonder' where we went in thought or conversation, but on the most part, we will become a very fast 'memory' as they go along living their own lives. It is so sad that there are so many people like that, who just move on and not care about those whom touched their lives in a good way. Those people who just think, nothing matters, but the here and now of whom is around or near them and those who were from their past, families, friends, neighbors, they now mean nothing, less than nothing, in comparison to what is in their lives now.

In some aspects that is ...ok; but on the most part, it isn't. I can't see how, if you remember someone from high school, someone whom was a best friend, or at least a good friend, or someone who lived next door to you and may have helped you move in or came to your barbeques, watched your children, laughed with you at a movie or while shopping, How can you just move on and 'forget' those people...I just don't understand how people can do that; go that way and never look back. 

Sure, if memories were bad if people were bad, if there were 'bad parts' of your life that you feel to leave behind, albeit, do so, but those who were can you walk away and only remember them in a passing thought? I don't get it.

I miss people. I miss the good people. I've looked for some of my high school friends, with no luck in finding them so far, best friends, at least then, maybe friends again for the future? Who knows but I know life is too short to forget those who were there for you and life is about the little things, so don't forget about those things, those memories, those people. Reach out, if even only to say hello, or maybe even start up another friendship, this time, even better than before. You never know and you won't know if you don't try. Life is too short to wonder about the what if's. The time to live is now...NOW!