Live, Let Live & Love, day one

Why is it so hard these days to live a life of true happiness without someone else trying to invade your personal space, your personal thoughts and feelings, and interjecting their own into yours, trying to make you doubt yourself, doubt your loved one(s) or get on your very last very nerves?

I love my family and the few friends that I do have, I love them too but all too often I take to my own space and quit talking to almost everyone because it feels as if they have all lost their ever lovin minds!

Money tends to cause so many people to be both happy and unhappy. If you have it, your life, at least for a little while and into the possible future, as long as the money is lasting, gives you the impression that your life is so much better but, the truth is, is that it is NOT the money that brings happiness but in what we do in our every day lives, with or without money, with or without those friends who show up only when we have money and with those who are with us for the long haul. You know, the loved ones who have been with you when you were homeless, or eating oodles of noodles on a daily and weekly basis cause that is all you could afford for a while. The people who would go to a food pantry with you or a pawn shop and have your back the whole time, knowing that this is just a bump in the road in our lives and they still love us because they LOVE US, not just like us, as a temporary status in their lives.

Love. It is so simple and complex in all matters. We love our spouses or significant others but these days, there seems to be so many who 'love' their significants but when the hard times show up and THEY WILL show up, it is too easy to walk away from a relationship, just because it has become 'bothersome' and doesn't 'fit' their lives at the time cause of miscommunication or misunderstanding another or another's actions. What in the hell are people thinking? People are THAT? expendable? So easy to just 'delete' another from our lives because we don't like what they said or what they did or how they did it. REALLY??? WTH!

If our lives, our governments, our parents and our families and friends in the past thought the way the world or at least the way so many in the world do these days, then, most of us, would not be here and the world would be in even worse shape than it is in right now. There are so many times when I wonder where our thought processes went wrong and a LOT of it, can be pointed in the direction of something that has been so progressive and helpful to our lives that I wonder, how it could have been done differently or  changed so that we would/could, have better lives today in this world, with its help, rather than have its help and our doom, all in one. Technology is the answer but more important than technology, the world of technology as it has evolved within computers, smart phones, tablets, even the games that are now out for children as young as two and three and four, that melt their little brains into a technological mush, concentrating on what is going on there, on it, than what is going on outside and in our own world and circumstances, caused by our own actions or rather, lack there of.

I plan on writing a little something every day about life, technology, how it has affected our lives as of today, yesterday and tomorrow and I totally would love to hear your feedback on what I am talking about. Good or bad, this isn't a contest to say who is wrong or right. This is a place of free speech; a forum or area rather where your words can be heard. Post/reply here and I will hear you and hopefully many others will as well. Till we meet again....

p.s. (please anyone, refrain from name  calling or posting or saying anything explicit that only you and whomever you are with, should see or be a part of...those posts WILL be deleted because the place for any type of language or interaction such as those, are not welcomed HERE. Otherwise, respond away and I will try to reply back as soon as I can.)


Unknown said…
Luv u Margo. I know we haven't been friends long but I am blessed to be able to call you my friend. Anytime you want to talk, or not, or need a hug or shoulder or whatever, I'm here. Just so u know.