A New Years Resolution of Mine; changes are a coming :-)

So, one of my New Year's Resolutions this year is to lose weight as so many others are I am sure. Only I am starting it out right, I hope but I am having some slight reactions to my changes. What am I doing? Well I used to drink a gallon of sweet tea (made with 2 cups of sugar!) every few days. I no longer use sugar in my tea, only splenda, which cuts out over 1500 calories for every gallon I drink. Plus, I have taken out creamer from my coffee and limited my coffee to only 1 tsp of sugar (instead of the three I used to drink, which I had no idea till I measured it the other day, before the first). So, now I no longer get a sugar rush (as well as the nauseous feelings I used to get from having too much sugar in my system) and am feeling a bit sluggish. I need to find some other things that are natural to help boost my energy that won't be replacing the sugar I was in-taking but filling me with healthy energy with no crazy highs or lows. I really a lot of these freaking weight loss programs out there were made in mind for those who are freaking poor! I mean come on. How many people are in the poverty or near poverty levels according to government statistics? And how many people are barely getting by buying the groceries they need to feed their families? Adding to that just makes things worse, how can we be expected to eat healthy, if we can even afford to buy the 'healthier foods', like more fruit, etc...It is truly worrying and stressful and stress is not a good thing when you are trying to get healthier. So, anyone have any ideas? I would love to hear from anyone who has any great ideas or even some not so great ideas. I'd love to hear them all! Give me a WIDE range of variety to read through to possibly incorporate into my life to not only make me but my husband and family, healthier through this process.

p.s. My husband and I have decided to quit smoking...we ordered cigarrest the other day and are waiting to get their product any day now. Hope this works for him (I know it will for me, it has always been easier for me to quit than him). Keep us in your thoughts!!

You all have a great day now! I gotta get on the work grindstone and get chug a chugging! LOL! Hugs to you all!!