Life Is Good

It has been a little while since I've updated on my blog and I figured, why not. Its not like there are many people who truly read this and the ones who do, well thank you, I appreciate it and I hope you enjoy what you read here.

Over the last few months there have been quite a few changes that have went on. The biggest is we run smack dab from winter to summer, no in between and it has been creating havoc on everyone's senses. Cold's, flu's, allergies, you name it, it has hit and hit hard! I have had a bit of sinuses but nothing much more and my daughter and grand baby have or have had a cold/runny nose and sore throat but nothing really major, thankfully.

Financially, life has had its ups and downs just like everyone else, although we have had a few major financial windfalls in our employment and that has made life a whole lot better and smoother on most weeks, especially to make up for the weeks that have been not so good.

We have been making some big plans for where we live. We are going to be doing some remodeling on the house, for the bedroom area with the big walk in closet, closing in the back porch for mike to put some of his tools and stuff locked up, get the pool up in the next few weeks and finally the greenhouses. The greenhouses are going to be mobile though if we ever had to move, we could take them with us, large enough to use for anything and everything all year long but, small enough to move. Can't wait! We also have vacations in the menu too. Family vacations as well as an anniversary vacation to florida! yay!

Well time has caught up with me and I have much more to update about but have to get running and take care of some other stuff, so yall take care and I will 'talk to you' again soon!

hugs n love!!~~