Some people

How is it that this world has gotten to the state of matters that it is at? We personally raised our children to stand up for what is right, to learn from their mistakes, to do right by others because they will want to be treated right by others their selves. But all of us have family members who just make us shake our heads wondering what the hell happened to them, in their lives, to cause them to be so bitter, so angry, so ugly towards the world, so cold and just down right hurtful to most of the people in their lives and the people they meet. Some of them may not even think they are like that. They may believe they are doing right by others, that they are doing good by helping someone but in the same manner, they try to run that person's life by telling them what to do, how to do it, or just take everything they have and control them or else. The or else part is the worst. For some people we may know, they need a hand up, some help or just get alone and would like to not be, so having company would be really nice. But when those people who are only out for themselves take advantage of those who are in 'need' of help or assistance, etc, it causes people like me, my own children and many others, to feel helpless.

My hubby calls me naive. I tell him I tend to give others the benefit of the doubt because I feel everyone deserves to be treated right and given a chance to not only prove they are who they are (inside and out) but what they are and also to prove they are not their mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance and sometimes a third or more depending on the offense that has happened in the relationship, whatever that relationship might be; i.e. boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse relationship or even friendship relationships. Makes no matter, everyone deserves to be forgiven the little offenses and even the big ones sometimes if amends are made, ya know.

So why is it so hard for people to forgive, to let go, to realize that everyone has a right to live their lives they way they so choose to do so? Why is it that there are so many people who feel they need to run others lives, tell them what to do, how to do it, when to do it, even when they honestly don't have a right to be in that position to do so? Advice yes. Support, yes. Telling them what to do, when, how, etc, no, absolutely not. I dunno how our world has gotten to the point that it has. I hate feeling so lost, so un-trusting, so unsure of anyone anymore. Not knowing who can or can't be trusted, even when it comes to family and that just ain't right. I know my hubby, my son, my daughter, and my mother but other than those people, I have no clue who I can turn to and trust with everything, anything, about me, my life, with my life, with or best interest in their hearts and minds. That is scary. It is truly scary and worrisome to wonder, if someone 'says' something, is it true? Are they being honest or just saying something to get something for their own self and then moving on and thinking..."hahahaha..sucker!!!" ??? It is truly a messed up world.

I thought of the paragraph below before about several people and it holds true as much today as it did then and as much as it will in years to come...

Learning to let go, no matter what or who it might be is one of the hardest things you may have to go thru in life. It makes no difference if it is a habit, or a favorite blanket or even a friend or loved one. Even though one may not see the value in how letting go will help, in time that valuable lesson will shine like a beacon in the night or a star in the sky for you because you will have done what you needed to do to better yourself and it will be an ever reminding proof that you are stronger than even you ever thought you were. YOU are a survivor of LIFE!